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Official Journal of the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

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Correction to: Tension band wiring for simple olecranon fractures: evaluation of surgical technique

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The original article was published in Journal of Orthopaedics and Traumatology 2017 18:450

Correction to: J Orthop Traumatol (2017) 18:275–281

Unfortunately, after publication of this article [1], it was noticed that the author J. Carel Goslings was tagged incorrectly during the production process. This resulted in the PubMed display of the author name as ‘J Carel Goslings’. The correct display is ‘Goslings JC’. This correction contains the correct tagging.


  1. 1.

    Claessen FMAP, van den Bekerom MPJ, van Dijk CN, Goslings JC, Kerkhoffs GMMJ, Doornberg JN, On behalf of the Shoulder Elbow Platform (2017) Tension band wiring for simple olecranon fractures: evaluation of surgical technique. J Orthop Traumatol 18(3):275–281.

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Collaborators: E. Hoebink, P. Nolte, P. Eggen, R. Blokzijl, D. Haverkamp, D. L. van Deurzen, A. Vochteloo, T. Kraal, A. Peters, E. E. J. Raven, M. M. Campo, A. Heijink, E. Mutsaerts, S. A. F. Tulner, J. R. Lansdaal, J. Jenner, C. C. J. Jaspars, R. A. van den Wijngaard, A. J. M. Janus, E. M. Nelissen, M. van der Pluijm, H. van der Bracht, R. van Hove, D. Broekhuis, M. P. Somford, P. J. Damen, P. Scholten, J. J. Wiegerinck, C. Schonhuth, D. van Kampen, D. Eygendaal, B. van Ooij, L. Plaat, T. G. Guitton, S. B. Schouten, J. Hermans, E. W. Zwitser, R. J. P. van der Wal, G. A. Buijze, A. van Tongel, D. van Oostveen, S. van de Velde.

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Correspondence to Femke M. A. P. Claessen.

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