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Official Journal of the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

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Fig. 2

From: Bioabsorbable magnesium screw versus conventional titanium screw fixation for medial malleolar fractures

Fig. 2

a Preoperative AP ankle radiograph of 45-year-old female patient with a bimalleolar fracture at initial admission (black arrows showing fractures); b Lateral malleolar fracture fixed with plate and screws and medial malleolar fracture fixed with two bioabsorbable Mg screws. At 1.5-month follow-up, gas shadows were observed around screws (white arrows); c At 7th month visit, fracture was united, and significant decrease in gas shadows was seen; d At 20th month follow-up, almost no gas shadows were visible; e At final follow-up, faded silhouette of screws was hardly noticeable

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