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Common peroneal nerve injuries in knee dislocations: results with one-stage nerve repair and tibialis posterior tendon transfer

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We report our experience in the treatment of common peroneal nerve (CPN) palsy following knee dislocations: a twelve-year surgical series of 26 patients presenting with a traumatic injury of the lateral sciatic nerve and no spontaneous recovery is reviewed. From 1988 to 1991, we performed nerve surgery alone on 3 patients. Their results were highly disappointing and in none did we observe muscle recovery. Since 1991 nerve surgery was associated with a palliative procedure for 23 patients. Although at surgical exploration, severe nerve damage was found in 87% of these patients (thereby indicating the need for graft repair), the overall outcome was good, with a score of M3 on the BMRC scale in about 75% of the cases. These results suggest that the one-stage association of microsurgical nerve repair and tibialis posterior tendon transfer changed the destiny of these injuries.

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Received: 10 December 2001/Accepted: 14 February 2002

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  • Key words Common peroneal nerve palsy
  • Foot drop
  • Knee dislocations
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  • Tibialis posterior tendon transfer