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Official Journal of the Italian Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Table 1 Femur fracture

From: Femoral fracture following knee ligament reconstruction surgery due to an unpredictable complication of bioabsorbable screw fixation: a case report and review of literature

Author Procedure Fixation Time from procedure
Noah et al. [7] Patellar tendon ACL reconstruction and ITB extra-articular tenodesis Interference screw 6 months
Ternes et al. [10] GORE-TEX graft ACL revision N/A 8 weeks
Wiener and Siliski [11] Patellar tendon ACL revision   7 months
Manktelow et al. [9] Hamstring tendon ACL reconstruction with extra-articular tenodesis   24 months fracture from staple of extra-articular augmentation to intraosseous tunnel
Berg et al. [13] BPTB ACL reconstruction   8 weeks
Radler et al. [8] ACL reinsertion and LAD. Latter removed after 5 months 6.5 mm cancellous screw 20 months
Mithoefer et al. [14] Patellar tendon ACL reconstruction 7 × 25 metal interference screw for a 10 mm tunnel 5 months. Fall and hyperextension injury
Wilson et al. [15] BPTB ACL reconstruction Interference screw, ? size 9 months, fall
Sheps et al. [12] Quadrupled ST-G autograft ACL reconstruction Endoloop button 5 months, head injury, ? fall