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Hip resurfacing: mid-term results of the last-generation metal-on-metal devices


Total hip resurfacing has long been conceptually attractive to both surgeons and patients. However, historically it has been plagued by limited durability and marked acetabular bone loss. The recent development of wear-resistant bearings such as metal-on-metal has led to renewed interest in hip resurfacing in the orthopaedic community. We report the clinical and radiological results of 350 consecutive surface arthroplasties performed in 325 patients (mean follow-up 20 months). Harris Hip Score increased over time from 57 pre-operatively to 98 at 2 years follow-up. Complication’s rate was low. Four patients required revision surgery. The overall survival rate was 98.8%. Considering the positive results of more than 350 implants of our series, we now believe that there is evidence showing that this surgical concept deserves consideration, particularly when treating young patients with hip diseases.


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